Cranial Osteopathy for Adults

Hawkwood College grounds, a stroll through the woods after lunch.

Hawkwood College Grounds, home of Sutherland Cranial College.

Adults generally respond well to Cranial Osteopathic treatment. Common presentations that we treat are migraines headaches, Sinus issues, poor immune systems. We also treat post viral Meningitis and ME sufferers. We also understand tinnitus well and in some cases are able to reduce the effects that people suffer. Another area that we have had success is releif from chronic long term affects of whiplash. The dura mater protecting the cranium, brain and spinal cord oft suffers from scar tissue and stiffness which we are able to affect changes.

Cranial Treatment

During treatment we will make very small adjustments to the joints (sutures) of the cranium and sacrum. This is done with a view to affecting the quality of function of the Dura Mater which protects the brain and spinal cord and assists in good venous drainage of the brain and spinal cord.

We also work on the fasca which covers all muscles and attaches to the perioiseum of the bones. Lymphatics veins arteries and nerves run between the layers of fascia and as such require adequate function to perform well.

For moe information and teratment for Cranial Osteopathy for adults please contact the clinic.