Hip Labrum Tear

Hip pain may be due to a tear of the Acetabular Labrum. The Acetabular Labrum is a fibrocartilage ring, located in the socket (Acetabulum) of the hip joint. The Hip Labrum helps to increase the stability of the hip joint, acting as a ‘spacer’ and shock absorber during weight bearing. The Acetabular Labrum can become torn if there is a twisting movement while the hip joint is bearing weight, and this hip injury may occur during sports such as football and rugby.

The onset of hip pain is usually immediate. As with all hip joint problems, the pain may be diffuse and difficult to pinpoint. If the front of the hip joint is affected there may be a pinching sensation when the person flexes the hip by bringing the knee up to the chest. The pain may be reproduced in sport during activities that require weight bearing and twisting.

Treatment usually involves hip arthroscopy that can be performed on an outpatient basis. Following a short period on crutches, the patient follows a thorough rehabilitation programme. A return to sports is usually possible between two and three months after the operation.