Gluteal Stretches

pform Pirifirmis and External rotator stretching

This stretch will lengthen those muscles deep in the butt which are responsible for turning the leg externally. Often when shortened they restrict the foot from planting forward causing lift off from the head of the big toe. This would be recognised by a callous of thick skin and possible fallen arches with pain on the medial aspect of the knee joint line. A good place to perform this stretch is on the back of a medium height sofa.

Mini stretch Gluteus Maximus Stretching

This large muscle works very hard climbing stairs, walking uphill and running. Downhill walking and running it works hard as a shock absorber working the fast twich muscles. Early mornings and late evenings are a great time to hold this stretch for upwards of 1 minute. Hug the knee up in the direction of the opposite shoulder.

Maximus stretch Gluteus Medius and Minimus Stretching
These two muscles are mainly used when walking. They arise From the ilium above one another inserting onto the bony protruberance on the hip. This area may become inflamed after long walking sessions, it is painful to lay on your side in bed. Stretching for periods of 1 minute early and late is a good way of relieving pain. Just hug the knee up in the direction of the shoulder.


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