Ilio-psoas Syndrome

The ilio-psoas muscle is a powerful muscle that can cause a deep ache in one side of the groin when injured. It is involved in hip flexion movements (bringing the leg out in front of the body) such as kicking a ball or sprinting.

The ilio-psoas muscle arises from the low back and attaches into the inside of the thigh. Low back stiffness is common with this injury and Osteopathic treatment to address this is helpful.

The ilio-psoas attaches to the thigh bone via the ilio-psoas tendon. In between this tendon and the hip joint lies the ilio-psoas bursa (a small sac of fluid to prevent friction). Ilio-psoas Syndrome is the name given to a condition in which the tendon and/or the bursa become inflamed and irritated through overuse.

Treatment aims to settle the condition down by avoiding aggravating activity, stretching the psoas muscle and strengthening it through it’s full range of motion.