Sports Massage

Can Sports Massage Help?

Here at theOsteopath practice we offer a totally different  approach to Sports Massage founded on over 30 years experience working with soft tissue problems. Using a unique blend of sensory awareness and anatomical knowledge, years of Massage, Osteopathic and Cranial Osteopathy treatment,  we are able to feel the state of deep muscles, fascia, tendons, capsules and their function. By treating and returning to various body regions we can determine the changes that come about as a direct result whilst treating.

What are we working on with our Massage techniques?

A combination of deep tissue massage with techniques to separate the the fascial bundles which house the muscle fibers. Between these fascial bundles run the arteries, veins, lymphatics and nerves. It is of extreme importance that these areas have good function for healthy muscles.  Within the muscles structure are motor endplates where the nerves stimulate the muscle contraction, muscle spindles which monitor the muscle tension and adjust the resting length, trigger points and where the fascia thickens at the ends we have the tendons.
Within the tendons are Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO’s)which respond the pressure caused by tight muscle fibres. Part of treatment is to locate the GTO’s and apply pressure which in turn reduces muscle tension. The tendons blend into the periosteum which is a thin layer surrounding the bone . This periosteum has a high density of nerve endings (nociceptors) which are also triggered by pressure, if the periosteum is inflamed due to constant muscle tension through overuse pain will be constant. Equally if the shin bone is struck there will be much pain.

What are the techniques?

  • Cross-fibre massage
  • Longitudinal massage
  • Shortened origin stretching
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  • Neuromuscular inhibition
  • Colgi Tendon compression
  • Motor endplate stimulation
  • Trigger Point technique
  • Myofascial release
Many patients ask about the benefits of Sports massage. Wether or not it may help with preventing their back problems and help achieving their goals. I shall attempt here to explain the various benefits and disadvantages to be aware of, that may make you consider Sports massage.

Reasons to suggest you may need a Sports massage

• Training over three times per week
• Athletes wishing to improve in their specific sport
• Training regularly, but performance diminishing
• Stretching routine not too good
• Muscles aching

What can I expect from a Sports Massage

Firstly the sports masseuse/masseur will need to ask you precisely what your goals and ambitions are. They will assess your lifestyle, training and working routines. They will assess your body shape including anomolies. A case history of past injuries, illnesses, sports and exercise will be built up. They will screen you for basic health, contraindications to massage. The treatment will consist of a combination of deep soft tissue modalities to seperate the muscle fibres and promote exchange of blood and nutrients to the area. Various forms of advanced stretching techniques are use to finish the session.


How many sessions do I need?

This will depend entirely upon your present situation and personal goals. Some people require only one initial session. More benefits will be seen by a course of sessions over a short period followed by regular weekly sessions.



What about home visits?

Home visits are possible, however the charges become more substantial. We usually have Sports Masseuses and Masseurs within your area.

Looking for a Sports Massage?

At the Sports injury Clinic we have the ability to screen and assess you biomechanically. We then match you with a suitable Sports massuese/masseur. If you have any questions please email




When visiting an Osteopath with chronic or acute problems, you are assessed and treated with a view to prevention of further injury, combined with corrective exercise. The Osteopath is empathetic to the patients needs to establish a speedy recovery of the body and return to the achievement of intended goals.