Wrist Arthritis

WrsSigns and symptoms of wrist arthritis include wrist pain, wrist stiffness and a loss of wrist range of movement. Wrist arthritis can have a serious effect on everyday activities due to the importance of wrist movement in hand function. Wrist arthritis most often occurs following a broken wrist or a wrist ligament injury.

Turning a door handle, removing the lid from a jar or gripping sports such as golf or tennis tend to be the things that aggravate most – the first signs tend to be wrist pain on these activities. As the arthritis progresses, loose pieces of cartilage or bone may cause a restriction of wrist movement.

Osteopathy can play an important role in preventing further wrist degeneration and maintaining wrist and hand function. Splinting using a brace can be effective as it removes stresses from the wrist that would otherwise cause further degeneration. Wrist supports and braces can be very effective at removing stresses from the wrist region and can help to prevent flare ups.