Neck Stretches

Upper back & Trapezius stretch Upper back & Trapezius Stretch

This muscle is very large. It is diamond shaped and attaches to the back of the occiput, spreads out to the shoulders then down the back. It is seperated down the midline attaching to the spine. A good stretch is to allow the head to drop as far as possible, then place the hand on the back of the head, push the head backwards into a stationary hand for 6 seconds, relax, then stretch the head down further.
Lateral Cervical stretch
 Lateral Cervical Stretch

This again will stretch the upper trapezius and the scalenes as well as the other laterally placed Cervical muscles. Hold stretches for upwards of 20 second and repeat two or three times daily.

SCM STretch
 Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) Stretch

This muscle attaches at the mastoid process on the head behind the ears. Then travels forwards and splits into a V shape fixing itself to the middle edge of the clavice “collar bone” and the sternum. It is responsible for turning the head. Turn the head Left the right muscle works and vica versa.

Regular stretching of the SCM is highly recommended. For more advice on neck stretches and treatment please contact the clinic.