Broken Collarbone

A fractured clavicle is commonly referred to as a broken collarbone. A broken collarbone frequently occurs when someone falls onto either onto an out stretched hand or elbow or onto the tip of a shoulder. The force transmitted up the arm is often enough to break the clavicle

The symptoms of such a break are usually excruciating pain in addition to an audible snapping or cracking sound. Depending on the severity of the fracture, there could be an obvious bump where the collarbone has broken.

Immediate care of a broken collarbone is to first stop any movement of the arm. A sling or a figure-of-eight harness is a good way of immobilising the clavicle. Ice application is advsied to reduce any impeding inflammation. An x-ray can determine the extent of damage.

After a few weeks in a sling, an Osteopath can help to gently mobilise stiff muscles around the injury and also prescribe a series of exercises to help rehabilitate the shoulder to full strength and function