Golf Injuries

Golfer’s elbow…back strain…BEWARE the Golf weekend, three rounds of golf can be tough on the body if your aren’t used to it. Build up to it slowly to prevent injuries.

Most common presentations for Osteopaths are the newcomer to golf who spend too long on the driving range swinging and hitting 100 plus balls in the same direction. Mid way throught the night the muscles feel so abused they shorten in spasmn then pull the spine in different directions, usually so much so they patient cannot get out of bed. Recommendation is again to build up slowly.

Thigh, Hip & knee pains are all common pains dealt with at the clinic…

The Osteopath

When visiting the Osteopath with any of the above golf injuries they are assessed and treated with a view to prevention of further occurrence combined with corrective exercise. The Osteopath is empathetic to the need for the speedy recovery of the cricketer due to the natural restrictions of the short playing season.