Cricket Injuries

The Fielder – There are many common injuries connected with playing cricket particularly the often forgotten fielder. Traumatic injures such as Acromio clavicular dislocations ( A visible step on the shoulder) which may occurr when diving to catch a ball and the shoulder takes the full imact of the body weight. Hamstrings regularly tear or strain when stooping suddenly to field a ball at the beginning and end of the day. Stretching regularly through the day is recommended for prevention of this. The hard ball has an extremely damaging effect on the muscle when impacting at high velocity.

The Wicket Keeper – Stretched ligaments in the wicket keeper may lead to a lack of stability if corrective exercises are not done.

The Batsmen – For the batsmen who is good enough to stay at the crease for a long period of time shortened flexor muscles on the anterior part of the spine may lead to chronic aching back.

The Fast Bowler – Then there is the poor fast bowler, modern day television shows clearly the stresses place on the feet and ankles as the bowler releases the ball. However this is nothing compared to the forces that need to be dissipated through the body as he/she attemts to put the brakes on in the follow through.

The Spin Bowler – For the spin bowler there are the overuse conditions that affect the wrist, fingers elbow and shoulder, which may present as arthritic style aches and pains towards the end of the season as the weather becomes colder.

The Wise Cricket Captain – It is for this reason that the wise Captain always ensure a ready supply of Ice, cold gel packs which have the dual purpose of reducing inflammation, whilst keeping the wine, champagne and beer well chilled for rest, recouperation, celebration and commiseration

The Osteopath

When visiting the Osteopath with any of the above conditions and cricket injuries they are assessed and treated with a view to prevention of further occurrence combined with corrective exercise. The Osteopath is empathetic to the need for the speedy recovery of the cricketer due to the natural restrictions of the short playing season.