“Dear David,

So, today I am 90% pain free. You really are amazing, you know this as you wouldn’t have lasted this long as an Osteopath. But I think it is important hear it from others every once in a while. Though your instinct, knowledge, physical integrity and excellent skills developed over years is what puts you above the rest.  Thankyou so much”

Susan,   Pilates and Dance Teacher

“Dear David,

I just wanted to write to you to say how impressed I have been with your assessment and treatment of my back pain. Over the years I have tried many physio’s and chiropractors but no one has ever fixed my back as quickly like you have. I would recommend you to anyone needing help with any type of injury requiring therapy.

Mike, 39, UK Territory Manager

“Hi David
I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful help you have given me over the past 4 weeks.
You have been able to progress my recovery in what seems like light speed! I have used a chiropractor and Physio for this recurring issue in the past and spent months in occasional agony and constantly present low level pain which was horrible.  The number of sessions it took to solve the issue was around 20 which was also very expensive!
I am so pleased to have found your website.   Honestly, I had low expectations based on previous recovery time experience with same type of injury but you quickly diagnosed the issue and we got to the core of the issues within the first 2 sessions.  Your deep experience and holistic approach has really inspired my confidence and sense of comfort.

I am delighted by the progress and have no pain after only 5 weeks!

As discussed I would like to bring my son along to visit you for you cranial expertise soon.

Thanks again for now.”

Jo, 37, Mother

“Having seen chiropractors, a Chinese medicine doctor and having been referred for x-ray by my GP I was told various things about the extremely acute, recurring pain under my left shoulder blade – ultimately ‘That’s just how you are built’. This was over 2 years ago. 20 minutes into seeing David I was correctly assessed, treated and fixed. Occasionally after strenuous exercise or activity I can feel it going again so I immediately book to either David or Jamie. I whole- heartedly recommend and indeed, thank them.”

Rob, 37, Art Director

“I first went to Jamie with sinus problems; the cranial treatment has been amazing – zapping the pain and discomfort with one or two sessions each time and taking away the need for antibiotics. He’s also treated me on and off over a number of years for neck pain that caused headaches. Again the treatment has been incredibly effective and worthwhile. I have recommended Jamie to many friends already.”

Julie, 37, Communications Manager

“I was referred to Jamie by my running club. Having run 19 marathons I’d suffered from an extremely painful knee injury that forced me to stop running for a few months. After my third session with Jamie I started noticing lessening pain, better posture and certainly improved strength! I would highly recommend Jamie for the expertise and quality of treatment that he always provides.”

Alex, 28, Elite Runner & Sports Marketing

“I was referred to see Jamie following a rugby injury where I fractured my lateral malleous and tore the ligaments in my ankle. He put me at ease instantly and reassured me throughout the three treatments where he manipulated my ankle to ease the swelling and improve the mobility. The follow up rehab was also excellent. I can highly recommend him. He is professional and very good value.”

Nick, 33, Executive Talent Scout