Tennis Injuries

The tennis season usually bursts into life around mid May (French Open), peaks around late June (Wimbledon) and tapers off around September (US Open). It is during this period that recreational players leap to the courts to try and emulate their tennis icons. As with other racquet sports such as squash and badminton, it is highly recommened that you build up a natural level of fitness before playing and NOT try to get fit by playing.

Tennis, squash and badminton are high impact sports that can place considerable forces on the body. This can either culminate in overuse (tennis elbow, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain) or traumatic injuries (calf strains, sprained ankles).

Here at the clinic we offer full assessment and treatment of such tennis injuries with a view to prevention of further occurrence combined with corrective exercise. The Osteopath is empathetic to the need for the speedy recovery of the tennis player due to the natural restrictions of the short playing season.