June is Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM)

In the US, June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM), and the headache, migraine and cluster communities are working together for our diseases to be recognized. Our community has over 100 countries represented. If you’re not someone living in the US, there may be some valuable lessons that can be drawn about the awareness effort. A disease awareness month or week plays a vital role in raising public knowledge, addressing stigma and building a stronger community of patient advocates. 

The activities planned for the month are geared towards those living with headache diseases, their caregivers and the general public. 

Observance Days

For 2021, the following seven days are recognized as special Observance Days within the month of June. Each one represents a significant topic within our community. Help us spread awareness and recognition on these days by posting the information below on your social media accounts:

  • June 1: Headache at Work
  • June 6: Veterans with Headache Disease
  • June 7: Remembrance Day
  • June 19: Disparities in Headache
  • June 20: Headache Diseases and Men (Father’s Day)
  • June 21: Shades for Migraine
  • June 29: Chronic Migraine Awareness Day

Find more information about these days and articles from advocates (including several team members from the Migraine World Summit) on the MHAM event website.

Many of the activities taking place are online and if English is a common language for those outside the US, then you can still participate and support initiatives. You may even see others from your country doing the same.

Invisible and stigmatized conditions like chronic migraine, cluster headache and others need advocates and a public voice to improve research funding towards a cure and to increase support and care for patients and their families.

Many people on the Migraine World Summit team have migraine themselves and in the family. Many are also parents. The same may be true for you. If we want a better future for family, our children and the next generation, the time to act is now.

Whether you want to educate yourself through webinars and training sessions, participate in a race, share on social media, wear shades on June 21 or rally against Chronic Migraine on June 29, it’s up to you.

Join us in advocating and spreading awareness!

Here’s how you can get involved >>